My washer won't FILL!

Here are the most common reasons:


Although all brands are different in design, the basic concept is the same. Water comes into the machine by way of a water valve, or mix valve. When a machine won't fill, there are several things to consider:
  • Is the water hose kinked?
  • Could there be sediment in the screens of the hoses?
  • Look into the valve at the back of the washer with the hoses removed. There are filter screens which could be clogged. They can be easily cleaned with a turkey baster. Use it as you would a baby syringe, sucking the sediment off the conical screens. Do not remove these screens for any reason!
  • Loose or broken wire to water valve? Always disconnect from power before inspecting!

  • If all else seems OK, the valve is probably bad.

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My washer won't:



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